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Upperstall Review


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Yeh Rastey Hain Pyar ke


Hindi, Drama, 1963, B/W

Cast And Crew

Pilot Anil Sahni (Dutt) has to go abroad for 4 months leaving behind wife Neena (Leela Naidu) and two children. In Anil's absence, his playboy friend Ashok Srivastava (Rehman) makes a play for the born-and-brought-up-in-Paris, Neena and seduces her. Anil returns and finding out what has happened, cannot forgive her infidelity. He confronts Ashok who is killed as the men battle it out with a revolver. Anil is then tried for Ashok's murder...

Though a big commercial star in his own right, the films that Sunil Dutt produced and/or directed were often more interesting and had him exploring themes off the beaten path - Mujhe Jeene Do (1963), Yaadein (1964), Reshma aur Shera (1971) and yes, even Yeh Rastey Hain Pyar ke (1963). The film is an interesting emough though a much diluted adaptation of the famous 'Nanavati Murder Case (1959)', responsible for the abolishment of the jury system in India.

The film works best as an reasonably engaging courtroom drama post Rehman's death even though the ending is totally ludicrous. And it is a Hindi fillum after all. So unlike the real life case, Neena isn't really an adulteress (how could she ever be?), of course her drink is spiked for nasty Ashok to score, but she still has to feel defiled and guilty and be the suffering martyr and... surprise surprise - the actual killer is not really Anil!

In the histrionics department, Sunil Dutt alternates between sincerity and hammyness while Leela Naidu is stunningly beautiful but sadly absolutely no actress and is so wooden and stilted that she is even embarrassing at times. Rehman and Sashikala are effiecient enough. The best performances easily come from veterans Motilal and Ashok Kumar as the prosecutor and defense lawyer respectively who enjoy themselves to the hilt as friends pitted against each other in this case.

Ravi's music includes the lovely romantic duet Yeh Khamoshiyan besides the well-tuned title song. However, all in all, the film is a disappointment considering its base material, which was far more interesting and volatile.

Upperstall review by: Karan Bali aka TheThirdMan

Yeh Khamoshiyan - Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle

Yeh Rastey Hain Pyaar ke - Asha Bhosle

Aaj Yeh Meri Zindagi Dekho - Asha Bhosle

Gunahon Ka Diya Tha Haq - Asha Bhosle

Jaan-e-Jahan Paas Aao - Asha Bhosle, Sunil Dutt

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