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Upperstall Review



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Hindi, Drama, 2008, Color

Sattar (Sanjay Dutt) is the owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency. From bhaigiri to business to politics to social work - that's how Sattar wants to progress in life. He has already graduated from bhaigiri to business and is now eager to hump into politics. Most sought after by banks, telecom companies and various multinationals, today his Good Luck Recovery Agency is the Number 1 in India. Sattar follows a simple rule when it comes to his business - Loan liya hai to chukao, shaadi kiya hai to nibhao. But will Sattar succeed in using this simple principle when dealing with disparate characters and cases like Anil-Shilpa, Chandrakant-Arjun, Ryan and Prerna?

In 1956, writing on Chandrakanta, the late Baburao Patel had commented," It makes one regret the money and time spent in seeing it and it makes one feel sorry for the money and material wasted in its production – money and material which could have been utilized for a better purpose than for turning out a trash on celluloid." You realize how perfectly relevant this statement is even today as you watch EMI. And as you endure this godawful film, you actually wonder what in heaven's name with they thinking?

Nothing works in the films be it the idiotic script, the various uninteresting storylines or the largely deadpan performances. The makers should realize that just taking a topic relevant to one's times and having a couple of witty one liners does not make a good film. The film is amateurish, tacky and suffers from a total lack of imagination and offers no insight into its subject matter whatsoever. None of the tracks are convincing be it the DJ Ryan (Arjun Rampal) and his high-maintenance girlfriend Nancy (Malaika Arora Khan), the widow Prerna (Urmila) going for illegal insurance money, the young newly weds on the verge of a divorce (Ashish Choudhury and Neha Oberoi) or the elderly middle class man (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) having taken a loan to educate his son abroad. As all struggle to pay their EMI's, the Good Luck Recovery Agency, headed by the goon Sattar Bai (Sanjay Dutt), is assigned to get their dues back in whatever manner possible. Of course in true Munna Bhai style, he plays the good samaritan and sorts their life out.

Is the film about today's consumeristic society? Is it about the strong arm tactics used by recovery agents? Or is it about about Sattar Bhai's love story with Prerna. God knows what the film wants to say and frankly, you don't give a damn. And why should you? A man like Ryan switches from credit card to credit without paying his dues, while Prerna is willing to go to goons for help to get insurance money not due to her but will not think of a job or other means to bring up her daughter. And you are supposed to sympathize with them...If the film thought it could hit a few home truths through a light-hearted comic approach, it couldn't be more wrong as it is, to put it simply, just not funny. 

Of the cast, Sanjay Dutt tries to bring some life into the film while Kulbhushan Kharbanda tries to lend some dignity to his role and Manoj Joshi as Sattar's right hand man, Decent, has his odd moment. None of the other performances are worth commenting on.

The film is woeful technically as well. It is extremely shoddy in all departments. To top it all, even Malaika's item numbers are sad non-items.


Upperstall review by: Karan Bali aka TheThirdMan





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