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Kismat Konnection


Hindi, Comedy, Drama, 2008, Color

Raj Malhotra, an ambitious lad who showed much promise in college has run out of work, and luck. An architect, he is beginning to view himself as a failure when a mystic/tarot reader tells him to identify a lucky charm. A few incidents later, he realizes that the lucky charm is a girl: Priya, an activist for a community center that is to be razed to make place for a shopping mall, one that Raj is vying for the contract of to design. He needs to lie to her to get her to come for meetings with him (as his charm) but slowly he falls in love with her. Does he tell her the truth that he is going to be responsible to destroy the community center despite promising otherwise and (hopefully) win her heart with his honesty? Or does he continue to lie and get the contract of his life, but in the bargain loses her?

Kismat Konnection is a wasted opportunity. It has the budget, it has the actors, it even has a whiff of a good story. But the makers played it so safe, that the end result is a completely predictable and unimaginative film that keeps you staring at the screen sans reaction. It's a comedy that elicits no laughs, and a drama that leaves you cold.

Aziz Mirza has a decent track record and even one to be envious of (every previous film starred Shah Rukh Khan), but with Kismat Konnection he just stops experimenting and risks nothing. It lacks the energy and humor of a Yes Boss, it lacks the spunkiness of a Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (yes we liked it), and even the serious edge of Chalte Chalte (before KJo stole the thunder on his take with his post-marriage-issues film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna).

In the first couple of reels viewers will feel a complete sense of deja vu and know exactly what is to come and how it's to end - every hackneyed tool in the book is at work here - Kismat Konnection just lumbers on and on towards that inevitability. Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan try their darnest to offset the obvious age difference and create some chemistry. Does it work? I'll leave you to judge. But if you're expecting the fireworks that Kareena and he created in Jab We Met, forget it. Juhi Chawla tries to infuse some life as Haseena Bano Jaan but it is surprisingly Himani Shivpuri who really manages it; however this is really looking for scraps. Vishal Malhotra unintentionally finds himself with the role of his career and nearly pips Shahid as lead. Poor writing, not-so-good directing.

But there is some reprieve in the climax even though you know what's coming. Aided by a steroid-laced background score and decent delivery by Shahid Kapoor, Aziz Mirza shows us the stuff that made him.

The locations are uninspired, the scenes long and contrived, the songs are hummable but unmemorable, the camerawork passable, the sound inconsistent, and the film ... well, boring. Kismat Konnection, at the end of the day, is a middling 'template' of a Bollywood film.




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