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Upperstall Review




Telugu, Drama, 2009, Color

Ram (Kalyan Ram) falls in love with Anjali (Hansika Motwani) in the beautiful locales of Hong Kong. So far so good. But when Ram happens to be the son of Gangster A and Anjali the daughter of Ganster B, and when A and B are sworn enemies, all hell breaks loose. Now, Ram and Anjali have to convince their folks about their choice. So they move into each other’s houses and fix up things. Of course all's well that ends well!

Jayeebhava – meaning May Victory Come To You – is one blessing Kalyan Ram desperately needs. However, that seems to be difficult to come by. After Hare Ram’s debacle, this is his 'comeback film' after nearly a year. While Jayeebhava does not boast of any sterling qualities, one can safely brand it as the regular, Telugu fare with a standard enough dose of dance, drama and hungama. Jayeebhava’s storyline is a love story with youngster pitted against gangsters. It is not just about loving your parents but getting your parents to love your loved ones! However, the story is given a light hearted treatment and the spice is therefore lost somewhere. Something like a hot, spicy ragda that gets mellowed down with a ladle full of curd!

Jayeebhava was not hyped as much as the other movies that have hit the theatres recently and that is the only reason why the industry did not have too many expectations from it and that also means fewer disappointments. The storyline could have been a lot more meatier, like yesteryear’s Bobby (Mahesh Babu starrer) where the boy and girl take off to a pilgrim centre in a Theerth yatra special. Here, they meet in Hong Kong and the rest of the story happens in India. So the premise is the regular one – romance, love, sentiments, family and most importantly, the rivalry between families. The better part of the movie is when Ram and Anjali shift to each other’s houses to gauge the pulse and impress their respective in-laws. A little comedy and a few heartwarming moments later, we have the customary happy ending.

Kalyan Ram looks nice and composed in the movie. However, he still needs to get his big break, which seems to be elusive. He looks like a guy-next-door and that is a relief from all those star heroes with pancake faces and pumped up muscles. Interestingly, there are also no instances of the Nandamuri pride, a feature that was abused in most of his previous movies. Kalyan Ram looks good both as the young lover as well as the prospective groom trying to impress the girl’s folks. However, he needs to improve in delivering his dialogues with force and conviction. He has an ease in dancing, a rarity for the Nandamuri kin. Hansika looks cool and gorgeous without looking overly made up. The break after her recent Maska seems to have done her a whole lot of good. Incidentally, she gets as much footage as Kalyan Ram gets. She looks nicer as the carefree, dream girl in exotic destinations than as the girl trying to impress her boy’s folks.

The gangster bit seems like an excuse to slip in scenes of violence and stunts. Mukesh Rishi looks menacing and by now the Telugu audiences have got used to the suave villains like Sonu Sood, Mukesh Rishi and even Arbaaz Khan. Rishi plays his part well. His loud counterpart Jayaprakash Reddy looks obnoxious, which is what he meant to be. However, the enmity of the two could have been used to build more drama. The best bit is that the villains look sophisticated and mature, without looking raw and callow.

Thaman’s music is fresh, though it does not necessarily sound as catchy as his tunes in Kick or Anjaneyulu. He uses too much of Western instruments and the melody gets washed up in the drone of the drums. The song with kids reminds you of high school musical with songs, costumes and colorful clothes.

Jayeebhava comes along like just another regular movie that seems to just continue the movie status quo. While there are no major flaws to poke fun about or rant about, there are no unique points either. For now, all we can wish Kalyan Ram is Jayeebhava for your next one, dude!

Upperstall review by: manjukalanidhi

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