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Kal Kissne Dekha


Hindi, Romance, 2009, Color

Nihal Singh (Jackky Bhagnani) from Chandigarh is a simple yet unconventional boy. He talks too much, questions everything and builds complicated gadgets in this spare time. He adores his mother, has dreams of studying in the most elite institute of science and always looks for big ideas in small things. When he is accepted into his dream college in Mumbai, he is thrilled. College is a whole new world, full of colour, new people and new challenges to be met. Initially nobody takes him seriously. He is ragged by his seniors, insulted by the girl he likes and so on. Nihal however slowly wins them over. Meesha (Vaishali Desai), the girl he loves, is the spoilt brat of the college. She is proud, rude and rolling in money. And she cannot accept that Nihal is managing to charm everyone. Suddenly Nihal's world is rudely interrupted. Nihal gets visions of Meesha being in danger. He saves her life and his secret is revealed - that he can see the future. The media and TV channels are all buzzing with the news - Nihal Singh from Chandigarh can see the future. By now Meesha softens towards him and love blooms. But what Nihal doesn't know is that someone is trying to use his unique gift against him...

Unlike the hero of Kal Kissne Dekha who has visions which help him avert disaster, the poor filmmakers obviously had none. Or they would never have made this film, leave alone brag about the 30 plus crores they spent on making it. The film, to put it plain and simple, is total NG.

A launchpad for the producer's son, Kal Kissne Dekha, for all the money blown on it, suffers from the common problem of many a launch film. In trying to make a 'showreel' for the person being introduced, the film concentrates on sequences that are there just to show off the concerned person's dancing skills, fighting skills, special skills and the odd comic and emotive skills. What is sadly overlooked is the need for a cohesive and interesting story to incorporate all these elements. Nothing is consistent in Kal Kissne Dekha right down to the heroine being introduced as Vyshalee Desai in the opening credits and being billed as Vaishali Desai in the end credits!

One is not asking for logic and realism but the film belies all credibility in the name of so-called entertainment. Where in Mumbai does one find a college like the one in the film? Why is human psychology being discussed in a Physics class? Can the science whizkid not figure out from the circuit blueprint shown to him that his mentor is making deadly bombs? Why did.... oh well, you get the picture.

The story and screenplay is outdated, the characterisations stereotypical and one dimensional, the acting extremely weak - even the seasoned Rishi Kapoor sporting the most horrendous of wigs is unable to breathe life into this one. Neither can Riteish Deshmukh and it's just not worth it to talk of the other performances. One is gobsmacked at the unfunny comedy tracks that make you laugh, if at all, only at the sheer stupidity of it all. For all the foreign locales the film is shot at, the very so-so music track is filled with songs that do nothing but bring the already stuttering narrative to a grinding halt. There is a total lack of aesthetics in costumes and make up, the special effects are tacky and last but not least, the film ends with a totally laughable 'action' climax. One has to admit, though, that the film does make you think. As scene after scene unfolds, one sits there in the theatre lost in one big thought - What in heaven's name were they thinking???

On coming out of the theatre, one actually heard a dismally bored audience member wonder out aloud if the strike between multiplex owners and producers couldn't be resumed!!!

Upperstall review by: Karan Bali aka TheThirdMan





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