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Main aurr Mrs Khanna


Hindi, Drama, 2009, Color

Raina, Samir and Akash are three such people whose lives entwine at an international airport. Here the three find themselves in transit - at the crossroads of life where each has to make a decision that will change their lives forever... Samir (Salman Khan) has to decide whether he wants to stay in the same city that gave him so much and then took away everything or fly away to a new city and a new life. Raina (Kareena Kapoor) has to decide whether her love and loyalty for her husband, who left her to peruse success is more justified, than her faith and trust in her new found friend, Akash (Sohail Khan). Akash has to decide whether what he feels for Raina is lust or true love and whether he's justified in trying to win her at all costs even at the cost of her marriage...

Main aurr Mrs Khanna: Its quite surprising that the Diwali release with two of the biggest (male/female) stars is supposedly the most low key of the three releases this week. It is probably because of the less than exciting promos, the whole love triangle emotional element and the promotional onslaught of the other two biggies which made Main aurr Mrs K get lost somewhere in the middle. That also happens to the movie while it plays out as well, it gets lost in trying to be a light hearted love triangle with a sense of tragic loss tossed in here and there. Yes Main aurr Mrs. Khanna is a love triangle, but it comes without the third angle. Which is why a well intentioned film on the importance of financial stability to sustain a marriage and the sacrifices involved ends up becoming a "whats the big deal!", "as if we did'nt know" enterprise. So whether:

  • Mr Samir Khanna (Mr Salman Khan) packing his wife off to Delhi (without her knowledge or approval) while trying to rebuild his financially ruined life in Singapore with his dubious looking partner (Mr Dino Morea,yes he's there too), seems a tad silly and uncalled for,
  • Mrs Raina Khanna(Ms Kareena Kapoor) deciding to stay back in Melbourne to rebuild her life on the assurance of her cleavage showing waitress friend (Ms Nauheed Cyrusi) arranging a job and accomodation for her while undergoing training in the Fiji islands after a phone conversation from a complete stranger, Mr Akash's (Mr Sohail Khan) cell phone seems a bit over ambitious,
  • Mr Akash thinking that if he and his partner in work,'kaamwalas', Mr Harsh or was it Arsh?(Mr Yash Tonk) manage to keep Mr and Mrs Khanna in two separate apartments and create a blot on Mr Khanna's character by getting him seduced by the performing Pakistani artist Ms Haseena Jagmagai something (Ms Preity Zinta,she's back!) will make Mrs Khanna let go of her marriage to a man who picked her up from a Home for the Homeless in Dalhousie and bestowed the Khanna last name on her just like that and come running into Mr Akash's arms,definitely takes the cake.

To add to that if all the aforementioned incidents are played out at a leisurely pace making a 13 reel (approx 2 hrs) film seem 30 reels (approx 5 hrs) long inspite of an earnest first time effort by director Mr Prem Soni, it does end up becoming a taxing watch. The impulsive decision making skills, bordering on randomness, of mostly all the characters also makes it difficult to connect with most of them at an emotional level making their dilemma's seem quite frivolous.

Case in point:

  • Mr Khanna doubting his wife of adultery after a carefully planted fake court marriage letter falls conveniently into his hands.
  • Mrs Khanna not mentioning the whole work permit/fake marriage fiasco to her husband to avoid another complication (coz love comes with its share of complications).
  • Mr Akash passing moral judgements on the husband's character on his first date with his wife,

You get the drift..... All this leads to a sweet, heartfelt though predictable end with a couple of twists to go along, which will not make you pull your hair out, and you might just leave the theater with an unfulfilled but not hopeless feeling.

The film does have a few endearing moments which are pretty well placed and handled by the director, notably:

  • The initial dinner conversation of impending doom.
  • Mrs Khanna's phone call to her husband informing him about her decision.
  • the almost funny exchanges between the two buddies, Mr Akash and Mr Harsh.
  • the almost break up of the Khanna's.

Mr Salman Khan sleepwalks through his role earnestly with his ever changing locks, his almost villainous look of negativity and his not so convincing "I love you's". Ms Kareena Kapoor seems a little confused about how happy/sad, easy/uncomfortable she is at different points in her life thereby never blowing her top and keeping her composure as 'clearly' as she can. Mr Sohail Khan as the fun loving loser pitches in a very natural performance which would not be too different from how he must be at home and with his friends, and he is adorable at times. Mr Yash Tonk as the ever dependable backbone does provide the few much needed laughs and does try to infuse the much needed life into proceedings every time he can. Ms Preity Zinta looks quite charming in her 1 scene-1 song part and it was rather refreshing to see her on screen after quite a sabbatical (last hindi film anyone?). Ms Nauheed Cyrusi and Ms Mahek Chhal (as Julia Roberts) provide some eye candy at best. There is also a dynamic appearance by the gold studded,original bling man, Mr.Bappi Lahiri in probably his first starring role and also another star 'special thanks' appearance by Sid's girlfriend(?).

The film does carry a clean look to it and the clothes/styling is pretty easy on the eyes but the music is a big letdown considering its a love story and all. The abruptly placed Don't Sayy Alvida (Na Kehna, DSANK?!?!) and the wannabe Kajra Re, Happening(sounding like Aamir or the likes) with pretty unimaginative choregraphy do not help matters.

All in all, not a very engaging or entertaining fare this festive season, Main aurr Mrs Khanna tries to have its heart in its right place, but sadly fails to keep the audience hooked on. Until then All The Best to Mr Soni for his next 'Khan'na studded venture.

Upperstall review by: flyingrodent





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