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Upperstall Review




Telugu, Action, Comedy, Drama, 2010, Color

Narasimha and Chary are twins but as different as chutney and cheese. Narasimha (NTR) grows up to become a secret agent for the cops while Chary (NTR again) is the pious priest. Both of them romance their respective ladies (Nayanthara, Sheela) and keep crossing each other's paths without knowing it. In between, Baba - an evil man and his minions (Mahesh Manjrekar and Ashish Vidyarthy) gang up to invent an ultimate weapon. They find a scientist who can do it but the scientist (Nasser) says he won't go ahead with his invention unless he meets his family once as he does not know what is in store. Now, the evil guys have to find his family and they track his son Narasimha down. Amidst some confusion, Narasimha escapes and the baddies bribe his look-alike Chary to replace him. The ensuing drama with its comedy of errors sums up the movie.

NTR (Jr removed from his name) fans will love Adhurs. Those who do not, are adhur-wise. In short, if you love two hours of naach-gana, drama and hungama, Adhurs nicely fits the bill. If you are looking for sensible cinema that will intellectually edify your erudite soul and have you thinking, check out something else.

NTR's twin drama has nothing new to offer, storywise. But to give the devil its due, it evokes a few smiles, tickles you a bit and makes you feeling like you've had a fun outing. Nothing more, nothing less but more than what you get from many films today. The storyline is simple - twins, separated due to strange circumstances, mistaken identity, comedy of errors and errors of comedy. You've been there and seen that and seen that many times but yet, you go along with the ride.

Even in this not-so-novel plot, NTR nevertheless puts in a great performance or rather, performances. While the role of the cop is a more regular one - where he has to look macho and fight the goons, it is in the role of Chary that he really excels. His mannerisms and dialect are immaculate. His comedy timing is spot-on and perhaps, he should start considering more such roles instead of sticking to those regular macho roles. Nayantara looks better than her previous Tollywood release even though her size zero still looks a bit exaggerated. Sheela looks pretty and plays the regular heroine. Both ladies do what is demanded of them and ooze glamour the way Tollywood buffs want them to. Brahmanandam as Bhattu the head priest plays his funny role seriously. Even though he does not play a pivotal role, as the balding old guy in love with a young girl, he does his role rather well. Fortunately, he does not overact in this role.

Devi Sri Prasad's music is good in the Where is the Panchakattu song and in the title song. Where is the Panchakattu is the highlight of the movie, except that it may be off the screens soon as the Srivaishanava community has objected to it. The screenplay is fast and tight with comedy at the right spots. Vinayak's sense of humour comes through in the climax scenes, especially when the twins resort to a lot of strategising to save their father (the scientist). Chota K Naidu's cinematography is efficient, as usual. Interestingly, not just in the glam songs but in the fights too, this cinematographer shows his talent as even the fights look glamorous.

Adhurs is great or rocking in the Hyderabadi slang. One fan's super duper movie is another man's crashing bore. To each his own.

Upperstall review by: manjukalanidhi

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