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Upperstall Review


Boss Engira Baskaran


Tamil, Drama, 2010, Color

Cast And Crew

Bhaskaran aka Boss (Arya) is an aimless college student yet to finish his arrears. His best friend, Nallathambi (Santhanam), runs a hair-cutting salon where he spends most of his time. Bhaskaran's brother, Saravanan (Subbu Panchu), is a vet and supports the family. He marries Nandhini (Vijayalakshmi) and Boss falls in love with her sister, Chandhrika (Nayantara). However, Nandhini tells him that unless he makes something of himself, he cannot ask for her sister's hand. Peeved, Boss leaves home, starts a tutorial and what happens next is to be watched on screen.

Boss Engira Baskaran (BEB) is a full-length comedy and fun from the word go. It is a clean entertainer, which can be watched with the family. Though director M Rajesh's story has nothing new to offer storywise, it's the treatment that uplifts the film. His flair for comedy as in his previous film Siva Manasula Sakthi is strong here too. His success lies in making the film move crisply along without getting boring or getting stuck anywhere.

Mention has to made of Santhanam first even before the film's lead cast. It is he who is the life of the film. He has almost equal footing with the hero, Arya, and keeps the audience in splits with the situational humour and one-liners. The duo's take on popular heroes brings chuckles too. Especially hilarious are scenes like the one where Arya dreams of becoming rich overnight and Santhanam his chauffeur! When he wakes up from the dream, Santhanam, tells him that he's not Rajinikanth in Annamalai to become rich during the span of a song!

Arya's charatcer could have been a bit more bubbly and mischievous, qualities the role called for. A naughty glint in the eye and small gestures for instance could have conveyed far more than dialogues can. Though Arya has excelled in serious roles, he is not really able to pull off the spunkiness needed for this one and as mentioned, it is livewire Santhanam who saves the day for the film! Nayanthara performs her role well enough but then it's a cakewalk for her as it is similar to many previous roles she has done. The same can be said of her look which has not evolved across her recent films! What's more she is beginning to lose her freshness now.

Of the rest, Jiiva, in a cameo, breezes through in at the climax and surprises. Subbu Panchu as Arya's brother gives a splendid performance as the responsible, brilliant vet who bumbles when it comes to romance. His attempts at romance are hilarious. Vijayalakshmi has the most interesting character in the film, sometimes sarcastic, otherwise cool in the most unexpected of situations and so on, and she is good. Chithra Lakshmanan as Nayantara's father is a veteran and he plays his role with a mix of humour and seriousness well.

On the flip side, the romance between Arya and Nayantara is not built up strongly. There are plenty of comic capers but no really romantic moments between the two. And as the film does not really have any villains, there are no major twists or turns and action sequences.

The cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan matches the film. He seems to have carefully kept Nayanthara's close-ups to a minimum. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is average fare and youthful. Ada Boss Boss and Yaar Antha Penthan are well-composed. Editing by Vivek Harshan keeps up the pace and rhythm of the film nicely.

All in all, BEB is good enough timepass viewing.

Upperstall review by: DayaKingston

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