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Upperstall Review



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Chance pe Dance


Hindi, Drama, 2010, Color

Positive and brimming with energy, Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) juggles various jobs to keep him afloat while pursuing his one dream to get a break on the big screen! In his quest, Sameer has a lot of ups and down, hopes and disappointments. Not the one to be disillusioned and armed with a 'never-say-die' attitude and dynamic talent, Sameer fights every hurdle that comes his way because achieving your biggest dream is never easy. In this challenging journey, he is helped by a beautiful and spirited choreographer Tina (Genelia D'Souza) and eventually, Sameer realizes that sometimes life gives you that one chance...

What is with intervals in Hindi films? What is their point? Why do we need them? Lets see... Our movies are supposed to be very long, people need to snack, use the restroom, have chai-coffee, popcorn, samosas etc, which are also a source of intense revenue for the theatre owners. Then there is a chance to possibly slip in a promo of a forthcoming blockbuster and finally a chance to offer our writers the opportunity to try to come up with the most impactful and earth shattering interval point, something which will definitely bring the audience back for more, much more. However, more often than not, our films fall victim to the 2nd half syndrome and lose it completely. Which brings us to the latest casualty of the 2nd half syndrome, the Dance which could have had a Chance, but then took a break mid-way and lost its dancing shoes and along with it, a chance at possible glory.

So what does the film look at? In a nutshell, a struggling actor with stars in his eyes, a dream in his heart, acting in his blood and dance in his soul trying his hand at stardom in the big bad world of Bollywood; a predictable yet some interestingly presented series of events, fortunate and unfortunate like the back-stabbing, blood-sucking friend, the opportunist going back on his word film-maker, the devilish kids turning into angels when it all looks bleak; quite a few good lines about dreams and all that makes them tick or shatter; hope and all that makes one hang onto them or give up. Above all, this film also has a pretty impactful and I-want-to-see-where-this-goes interval point and some good acting with Shahid giving it his all in the breaking down scene when all is lost and Genelia in another adorable enough turn as the unflinching support system to the future star.

And then the second half happens or does it? It's like how the wheels just fall off a moving vehicle, how a jockey is pulled off the back of a speeding horse, how...you get the picture. Basically, the film just crashes big time. The inter-school dance competition, which could have been the driver of the '2nd half' is wrapped up in a mere 5 minute montage, while an insipid talent hunt instead becomes the focus with none of its pivotal rounds or key moments explored properly. There is an impromptu my-mother-saw-the-star-in-me speech at the semi-finals, admittedly well written and performed but ridiculously forced in. That coupled with the longest bike ride ever, the 'greatest' concert ever and the most abrupt end ever make the post-interval proceedings seem like 'WTF just happened?'

Ken Ghosh was one of the pioneer's of the music video revolution in India who gave our industry a potential star in Shahid with a successful enough first film, Ishq Vishk (2003), and at least a different if not great second one, Fida (2004). So, after almost 6 years when he got to make a film with his protege riding a storm, it is surprising to see this uninspiring effort. What happened Ken? Did you run out of money (UTV - wouldn't think so), lose interest (why would you?), Shahid got cocky (he seemed earnest throughout) or just lost the plot (you definitely did, brother!)?

All in all, what could have been an actor's pursuit of happiness ends up being another failed attempt. I hope there are more chances at films on actor's lives, which hit the spot eventually! Till then, dance on Shahid...

Upperstall review by: flyingrodent





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