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Upperstall Review


Don Seenu


Telugu, Action, Drama, 2010, Color

Cast And Crew

Seenu (Ravi Teja) is so fascinated by Amitabh Bachchan's movie Don that he decides to become one when he grows up. He even changes his name to Don Seenu and lands in Hyderabad to become a local don and dreams of rising to an international level. With his streetmart and kickass stratagems, he manages to befriend the two big dons, Machiraju (Sayaji Shinde) and Narsingh (Srihari) in the city. He pits one against the other to become a bigger don than the two put together, thus realising his dream and also settling old scores with the dons in the process.

Keep your lips and your fingers ready for Don Seenu is full of those distinct Ravi Teja moments that deserve a long and deep whistles on and off. This one's a no-brainer, which at times is complete nonsense and even totally whacked out. But what it does firmly deliver is two hours of solid mirch masala and tummy-aching laughter.

Don Seenu is fun provided if you can watch it in context like a light commercial entertainer as a regular viewer and not with the view of some serious cinema analyzing critic. The movie simply takes a crazed moviegoer's dream to become a don and how he can go to any extent to fulfil this ambition - or rather fascination. The first half is about Don Seenu befriending the dons and moving to Germany, ostensibly on an assignment to make one of the rival don's sister fall in love with him so that he can spoil the plans of the don's sister's wedding. After the mandatory twist a few seconds before the intermission, the second half predominantly sees Ravi Teja play off one don against the other. In other words, he plays the monkey between the fighting cats.

The best parts are frequent thought bubbles with Amitabh Bachchan's scenes/dialogues and punches and one-liners only Ravi Teja can mouth- as he often says - "Modati peru Seenu, inti peru Don, maa boss Amitabh Bachchan (first name Seenu, second name Don and Amitabh Bachchan is my boss)." These portions are the highlight of the film as Ravi Teja also talks like the Big B with the same tone, tenor and accent much to our amusement. In fact, Ravi Teja should do a Don Seenu every year if he wants to stay on top. He may not really be proud of his work, but this is exactly what his forte is. However, he should certainly think of sporting a new slicker haircut as his unruly hair dominates his expression at times.

There is not much to the girls in a film like this. Shriya looks good, but her role is so poor on IQ that you almost tend to believe she was the one who triggered off the term 'bimbo' in recent years. Anjana Sukhani, playing Machiraju's sister comes off comparitively better but only just. Brahmanadam elicits a few genuine chuckles, especially where he gets fooled by Seenu pretending to be someone with a hearing impairment.

On the flip side, the love story with Shriya is very predictable and the one with Anjana Sukhani is lacklustre. The songs sound okay enough but nothing that lingers on after you leave the theatre. Still, the title song works best as compared to the other songs. Their placement, though, brings down the otherwise snappy pace of the film several notches. Other technicalities are so-so.

Overall Don Seenu is like a Tom and Jerry show. It is completely illogical, impossible and irreverent. But undeniably fun as well.

Upperstall review by: manjukalanidhi

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