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Upperstall Review


Dulha Mil Gaya


Hindi, Action, Drama, 2010, Color

Donsai (Fardeen Khan), a young commitment phobic debonair, is petrified with the idea of terms like 'marriage' and 'long term relationships'. Samarpreet (Ishitta Sharma), a quintessential Punjabi girl, for whom relationships are to be cherished and lived by. Shimmer (Sushmita Sen), a diva from the world of glamour, for whom love and relationships aren't quite half as important in life as independence and 'success' are. And lastly, Pawan Raj Gandhi, PRG, for short (Shah Rukh Khan), a suave multi-millionaire whose heart still remains larger than his bank balance and for whom winning love is the only victory there is. The film is what happens when the paths of these 4 diverse charatcers cross each other.

Why was DJ Jigar so important in the film? Something tells me the answer to this question will unlock whatever it is the makers of this film were trying to do. Because this was a very confusing film. It seemed to veer towards being a comedy. But there really weren’t any funny lines or even barely laughable moments. In fact, Johnny Lever played the most serious character in the film. He did not crack a single joke, or pull a silly face. He was restrained.

So then maybe it was meant to be a light fluffy romantic story. It had SRK in it after all. In fact, they seemed to have spent all their money on Shah Rukh Khan, who is supposed to be doing a cameo. Because the rest of the film has 80s type fake backdrops of oceans and sunsets and mountains, and two living rooms between which the film is played out. The music is horrendous, there is not one senti moment – c’mon, Sushmita proposing to SRK is supposed to be a *sigh* scene? – and Fardeen cannot make up his mind whether he should laugh or a cry at any given point. Or, maybe that’s just how he acts. Whatever. A fluffy romantic story this was not. We’re out of genres. Oh wait, I found one. It’s called bad films!

The acting was awful. Sushmita Sen overplays her model character (her name is Shimmer!!!!!!!), Fardeen Khan plays himself – like he always does, he really doesn’t seem to have any other dimension as an actor – and keeps on muttering 'latreeeene', and the supporting cast reinforce their caricatured roles mouthing inane dialogue that don’t belong anywhere. Only Ishitta Sharma tries hard, and while she has some way to go as an actress, she was earnest. Unfortunately, she is poorly cast, coming off as too urban for playing a small time Punjabi girl. It is only the moments when Shah Rukh – incredibly, his last name in the film is Gandhi - comes onscreen that there is some respite, for he turns it on like only he can. Alas, this is all to brief.

It’s easy to just say that there was no story or this was a bad script, and explain away this mediocrity of a movie. Half – or more – of Bollywood makes movies like this and still gets away with it. Dulha Mil Gaya couldn’t even muster that. The problem probably lies in the fact that there was nothing to hold the film together as one idea. Not a strong thread. Not a funny thread. Not an emotional thread. Not any thread. Stopping and starting in spurts, with individual sequences shot around the flimsy idea of a traditional Indian girl tricked into marriage wanting to win over her playboy of a husband, this was a poor attemp at creating a story out of nothing. It ends up being a showcase for Sushmita to ‘return’ to the screen after a self created hiatus. But it is terribly tacky and inconsistent, with Sush appearing pencil thin and chubby alternately. Likewise Fardeen. Likewise Shah Rukh’s hair style. Sigh.

I've realized it's too much effort to figure it out. But if anyone does find out why DJ Jigar was important in the film, please write to me. I’d like to know.

Upperstall review by: Mr Care

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