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Golmaal 3


Hindi, Comedy, 2010, Color

Two separated lovers (Mithun Chakraborty, Ratna Pathak Shah) are re-united many years after their forced break-up, by their adopted children, who are constantly at loggerheads with each other, but are forced to co-exist for the sake of their foster parents! A queen's necklace, two wannabe gangster groups and two cops get tossed into the madness that ensues.

If you stay on till the end of the end-credits, director Rohit Shetty (Golmaal 1 & 2, All the Best, Comedy Circus judge), makes a statement that defines the commercial, popcorn, no-brainer, star vehicle blockbuster or whatever you would like to call this genre of movies. It is a very 'profound' statement and carefully captures the mindset of our audience,which shells out their hard-earned money to grab these movie experiences at a multiplex, single screen or wherever they can, time after time, film after film and probably will till kingdom comes. The statement is, I quote:"Aise Banti Hai Picture,TIMEPASS!" (This is how movies are/should be made, for TIMEPASS!) Golmaal 3 (G 3), lives upto that, it does!

So let's be clear. Golmaal 3 never promised anyone a The Shawshank Redemption or a Satyajit Ray or Bimal Roy or Guru Dutt film so trying to write about it too seriously as a cinematic attempt would be an incredible waste of TIME. We could PASS it instead with making the ebst of it and laughing along with its star studded line up who were partying away in Goa or wherever this film was shot and brought back a 'Diwali Blockbuster of a movie' to show for their efforts.

So, without any connection to the last 2 films in the G Series, all the characters start afresh here. Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade on one side with Arshad, Tusshar, and Kunal Khemu on the other. They hate each other's guts, keep taking potshots at each other's physical (dumbness, stammering) and mental (anger management) defects, getting violent with each other (crashing doors, burning backsides etc.), messing up each other's efforts at running a business (jet skiing, firecrackers). So much so, that they even have a 5 minute silent sequence of shoving everything from a lamp shade, to a tomato, a rose and even a cactus plant, right up each other's posteriors! And in the bargain they only end up hurting the father's buttocks (by bats and a dog called Facebook!). There is the longest slow-motion fight ever, where the mother gets injured on her butt...oh, sorry head. Then they all realize that they were orphans and cry to each other, ending up in an Indian Cricket team huddle. And finally after the realisation of an amnesiac, wannabe don about a missing diamond necklace,they accept each other into the brotherhood and live happily ever after until the director himself steps onto the scene to stop a friendly squabble. As you can see, our brains have been left far away at home along with our stresses and worries, so all of the above laced with umpteen film references to Ghajini, to Saif, to Shahid, to Rajesh Khanna PASSES our TIME!

And it's not just backsides. G 3 is loaded with gags, spoofs, slapstick humour, rhymes, nonsensical references and everything else one could ask for from this experience. Cars land up on top of ferris wheels, jet ski's go blasting through stuff, fingers are bent the other way, insults are thrown around like candy, adults act like juvenile delinquents. But that's what you are probably going for when you do watch this Diwali offering, so the length of it and the stagnation of the wafer thin plot might not hurt much. It is not pretentious, goes all out to make you laugh, even if its at the sheer silliness of it all.

The stars pitch in with fun acts, be it Ajay with the maniacal anger, Tusshar with his now familiar mute madness, Arshad with his wisecracks, Kunal with his poetic comparisons and Mithun da with a very spirited effort. The actors are having a ball and are asking us to come along. Special mention has to made of Johnny Lever and his cronies, who are not related to the main plot, but add a lot to the comic proceedings.

Rohit Shetty has cracked a formula for sure and is quite honest as well as shameless about it. Cinema purists might ask him WHY? He will only respond with a WHY NOT? The great David Dhawan started the whole trend of 'leaving your brains at home' comedies and along with Govinda had stormed the 90's with hits after hits. The mantle has been transferred to the Priyadarshans (Hera Pheri, Bhagam Bhaag etc.) Anees Bazmees (No Entry, Welcome etc.), Sajid Khans (Housefull) and of course,our man Rohit Shetty who has made the Diwali weekend his personal domain and will probably continue to do so year after year. Dhawan said Manmohan Desai was his greatest influence, Dhawan is theirs, who knows Shetty will be the benchmark for someone else. The quality might be on the downslide, but the laughs, the whistles and the claps live on. God Bless our audience and here's wishing them a very HAPPY DIWALI, now and forever!

Upperstall review by: flyingrodent





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