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Milenge Milenge


Hindi, Drama, Romance, 2010, Color

Cast And Crew

Priya (Kareena Kapoor) is a girl with substance, exactly opposite the teens and college going students of today's time. A pure romantic at heart she has this image of her would be life partner, who she expects would be a teetotaler, a guy who doesn't smoke and who doesn't lie. Amit (Shahid Kapoor)is the type of guy who is totally opposite of what Priya wants from her life partner. He drinks alcohol like a fish, lies on the slightest pretext and is a chain smoker. Their world collides when Amit by chance lays his hands on Priya's personal diary and learns of her likes and dislikes. He poses as her dream mate by giving her a totally different picture of himself. Priya gets instantly attracted to Amit, and they spend days together cavorting around Bangkok City together coming closer to each other by the second. At the end of the festival when they are preparing to come back to Delhi, Priya discovers the copy of her diary in Amit's room...

'They are back together!' That's Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, the former it couple of Bollywood until she moved on to greener, more royal. Though it is a pretty good sell and might give a glimmer of hope to the most optimistic of fans but alas, there is no reconciliation. Far from it, they have not even come together to promote the film and the single promo music video features Shahid solo.

If the film’s tagline is to be believed, they will never do a film together again. It reads: 'See them for the last time together'! So that’s Milenge Milenge, the first film announced of the couple after the relationship of the two 'on the move', young stars gathered momentum, a then hot ticket of a real life love story, coupled with Himeshbhai's top 3 forthcoming scores after he struck gold, a film that was to release in 2005, but…

It is 2010.

The film got delayed by half a decade for reasons best known to Boney and Sridevi Kapoor, it has been almost 3 years that the star couple split up and moved on, and frankly no one cares about Shahid-Kareena together or apart anymore, including they themselves. But it must be a sigh of relief at least for the producers, if not for the actors, to get a release eventually and get the film out of the can and into cinemas.

So lets look at this remake of the 2001 Hollywood sleeper hit Serendipity, quite a favourite among young girls of that era, as a 2005 film and now as a 2010 cautionary tale.

2005: The whole look and feel of the film with songs shot in foreign locales coming out of nowhere with the Hero-Heroine singing sweet nothings to each other was a dying phase but still had takers.

2010: The phase is long dead and gen X has found the means to express themselves in more realistic ways.

2005: Serendipity was a great English film to remake; setting it up with a breach of trust breaking a relationship and then letting destiny play its card to forge broken ties. There is a certain charm to this.

2010: Serendipity is now a decade old and lots of changes have taken place in world of relationships. People waiting and still staying in love with a 5-day affair is a little hard to accept now, what with couples forming-breaking-redeeming themselves at the click of a button (Facebook!)

2005: The hero's friends exclaiming how wonderful, gifted and great their best friend is in tight close-ups and the heroine's friends unable to take a step in life or spend an afternoon without her esteemed company might have garnered some empathy.

2010: Okay, the hero is still cool, but so is the audience now we and if you cannot make it then we will still go ahead and do what we have to!

2005: The Hero spreading his arms in an outdoor, open environment with the camera swooping in and away was still cool.

2010: That is actually still cool; ask Ranbir and Imran, they love doing it and the girls’ cheeks still turn red when they do. Especially when the former are shirtless.

2005: Engagements happening without people being truly being in love to let them walk away from it without batting an eyelid was the barometer of dramatic twists and turns in love.

2010: Unfortunately, that again is still happening in our Luv Storys!

2005: Himesh Reshammiya was the hottest music director of the time and whatever he composed was ruling people's ears, noses and hearts (though this a very mediocre score with no hit songs even by then standards).

2010: Himesh Reshammiya is now acting and his compositions/singing are reserved just for him, so the music has a zero impact here 'cause no one is watching his films.

2005: Shahid Kapoor was finding his footing as an actor and this would have been one of his decent solo performances stamping his authority as a leading chocolate boy.

2010: Shahid has come a long way; he is a huge star now, not just a candy boy, looks much better than what he does in this film, but early sparks are seen yet again in his performance.

2005: Kareena Kapoor was being paired with any and every actor be it Shah Rukh, Akshay or Hrithik, but Shahid and she were yet to find their bearings together. Their off screen love was simply not translating to on screen magic.

2010: Kareena is looking like a million bucks now so her look in this film will disappoint many. She is now also being paired with Saif (obviously), Aamir and Kajol, still pulling it off with style, but the Shahid pairing was maxed in Jab We Met.

2005: The South-influenced directorial style that worked for director Satish Kaushik recently in Tere Naam could have carried on into this film and still worked.

2010: The style is now Priyadarshan's domain and Kaushik has not pulled off a success since Tere Naam. So not exciting enough.

2005: It was still a fresh film and could have been a breezy romantic caper with two promising stars working as a couple.

2010: It is a much delayed film and the 2 stars, though having delivered on their promise, have not been able to save this hastily wrapped, long forgotten romantic tale.

2005-2010, probably not too much has changed in terms of audience’s taste and film literacy (both Housefull and I Hate Luv Storys are certified hits), but without too much of an audience connect now in 2010 which is evident in Milenge Milenge and what could have worked in 2005, the film lacks the appeal for fans of the star couple. But what’s evident is that Shahid and Kareena have come a long way in every respect.

All in all, watch this film only if you’re a diehard Shahid or Kareena fan or if you have a time machine that can take you back (physically and mentally) 5 years.

Upperstall review by: flyingrodent





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