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Upperstall Review




Telugu, Action, Drama, 2010, Color

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Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is a forthright police officer who does not compromise with his principles of honesty and fighting corruption at all levels. He proves his mettle right at the beginning of his career by saving the Chief Minister from an assassination attempt. When the minister felicitates him for his bravery, he asks the state chief to provide him with a strong 'Puli' team that will make sure that nobody ever feels unsafe in the city. He convinces people to calland inform the police of any wrongdoings and promises to take it up for them. Puli meanwhile has a nasty encounter with don Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai) and when he investigates don's history, he realises his connection to the gang that had planned the Chief Minister's assassination. How Puli and his team manage to nab the powerful Al Saleem and his gang and pull out his nexus with a foreign team forms the crux of the movie.

If you are happy watching a few rousing 'Independent India' and 'Mera Bharat Mahan' dialogues from a charged up and toned up Pawan Kalyan in smart khakis, action, stunts, again some India is great dialogues, a song, a stunt and again India is... dialogues and in that order, Puli is exactly your kind of film. If not, best you avoid it.

The moment an actor such as Pawan Kalyan chooses to play a cop, the whole storyline is already evident. Now, the only thing that can make the movie surprising would be a smart screenplay, mind games and strategy to elevate the movie. However, Puli depends more on the star's charisma, his verbal volleys and high voltage action and less on how exactly he gains an edge over rivals. Eventually, although he does conquer them, it is more because he can hold the 'copter with one hand and shoot with the other, or because he can jump off cliffs effortlessly or because he can shoot even when the target is invisible. The antics range between grand and exaggerated to silly and ridiculous.

Director SJ Suryah has made the movie with a single goal in mind - by Pawan Kalyan, of Pawan Kalyan and for the 'power star' fans. Naturally, there is no veering away from his track, thus making it a safe movie for his fans to extol their star. Scenes such as Pawan's take on the police force, caring two hoots about India's most notorious don and the final live telecast of the fight between Puli and Al Saleem are engaging. And Pawan takes off where he left at Jalsa, where he played a poor boy who takes on the world. In Puli, not only does he fight for the common man, he also has the power to punish the baddies. The new 'power' bit adds to the Pawan's punch. He looks every inch the hero his fans want in his new crew cut, spiked hair, precisely cut moustache and the sharp looks. He excels when he delivers stuff like "Kartavyame church, kartavyame masjid..." (duty is your church and your temple and masjid...) and other 'dude-with-attitude' scenes.

Naksha Patel plays his love interest and only serves in adding spice to the movie. The scenes between her and Pawan suddenly breaking into cold sweat at her seductive overtures reminds you of Khushi's interval scene. Depending on which side of 21 you are, you are likely to be very amused by such scenes or feel disgusted by it. Shirya does an item number and does a cameo appearance that helps Puli connect with the international don Nixon who hobnobs with Al Saleem.

AR Rahman's music suits the larger-than-life image of the movie.The Power Star song is foot-tapping and so is Maham Maye with the Arabic and Sufi feel to it. The movie is stylish in terms of the main actor's costumes and appearances. Even the leading lady, who gets a rather mundane role, has been given a new look with a novel eyeliner application. Surprising and encouraging since most stylists rarely bother to try out such things in Tollywood!

Overall, if you can expect the expected and accept the unexpected, you'll do fine watching this one. Otherwise, we suspect you will reject it in the first prospect itself.

Upperstall review by: manjukalanidhi

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