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Upperstall Review


100% Love


Telugu, Drama, Romance, 2011, Color

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Balu (Nag Chaitanya) is a dashing young guy with too much attitude but one who is a winner all the way. With good looks, great grades and girls falling all over themselves to impress him, he thinks there is nothing to stop him. Mahalakshmi or Maha (Tamannaah) his first cousin and fiance from rural Andhra comes to Hyderabad to live with Balu's family and joins the same college. Mahalakshmi is a bit of behenji, dense and her bad English speaking skills embarrass Balu so much that he volunteers to teach her the nuances of the language and helps her crack her exams. Even as he screams, yells and often insults her for not being as smart as him, he starts getting jealous when Maha tops the college leaving him in the second place and getting attention from the other guys in the college. As they try to compete with each other, a newcomer, Ajith (Anand), bags the first rank. Balu asks Maha to propose to the newcomer and divert his attention so that they can together bag the top slots. She succeeds in diverting his attention but when Balu tops the class, Maha mocks him saying Ajith is actually more talented and it was only through deceit that Balu has stood first. Balu feels insulted with this comment and a rift develops. By now, although the twosome are in love with each, their egos prevent them from expressing their love for each other. They go their own ways to find their own partners. However, in the end, true or 100% Love prevails for the happy ending!

On the face of it, 100% Love is your regular boy and girl first hate each other, but fall in love with each other nevertheless. As is wont, they fail to communicate to each other, but just when they are about to tie the knot elsewhere, they become runaway brides and grooms to unite with each other. Though the premise is the same, director Sukumar infuses the goings-on with his usual directional quirkiness, which is what makes the movie a fun entertainer and a decent watch. The personality of the protagonist is eccentric and his idiosyncrasies are cashed on to create laughs, just like in Sukumar's Arya and Arya 2. Balu is obsessed with being the number 1. Sukumar takes a while just to establish that his quirkiness while showing us how the 'dude' tries to spy on anyone who lurks around his computer, keeps a watchful eye on anyone that he suspects is trying to dethrone him. His bhashan about infatuation in Queen's English to the Telugu-accented Maha is well-crafted with good comic timing - it reminds us of the love letter scene from Arya and Arya 2.

In terms of screenplay and characterisation, Maha's transformation from a hesitant, accent-conscious timid girl to a bold, in-your-face happening girl is good. She plays the village belle without trivialising the character. I mean she acts shy, but holds on to her guns when she has to. The scene where Balu thinks the love letter Maha is talking about is for him but realises it is for the happening Maha puts the characters on the right track. From here, the movie gets on the separate love tracks of Balu and Maha only to ensure they both settle down with each other. In fact, barring the scenes involving Balu and Maha's split, the rest of the screenplay is nicely layered. Sukumar weaves in an entertaining love story with scenes conceived in a capsule format - each scene as a standalone, yet going with the continuity of the movie. Regardless of whether the movie is a hit or not, it ahs to be said his storytelling skills are A class and in the given framework of making a breezy college love story, he shows good talent.

The movie takes the style element seriously. Right from the kind of bags they use, to their study tables and the 'messages' on their T-shirts (my favourite: STUDY HARD (for about 1 hour everyday)), everything is contemporary and appropriate.

Nag Chaitanya's role as the complete jerk (where he comes across as a pompous ass who throws too much attitude), then as the annoying and obsessive guy who pines for his ex and finally, shedding his ego to embrace her has good shades and he plays his character with great maturity for someone who is just two films old. He underacts in some scenes but that sort of brings out the nonchalance in him, which is what his character is about. Tamannaah gets a dream role and she does complete justice to it without going overboard. Even in the role of the village girl, there is a certain innocence that makes her endearing. She plays the role expertly without ever making it seem like a caricature.

Venkat Prasad’s cinematography brings out the bright, snazzy urban ambience in this college drama. However, it is too garish and visually straining in the Diyyalo number. After Arya and Arya 2's respective hit item numbers (Aaa Ante Amalapuram in Arya and Ringa Ringa in Arya 2), Devi Sri Prasad was expected to complete the trilogy with another raunchy adult number in Diyyalo. The song has the requisite beat but with the busty woman lunging out for every beat, its picturisation is a bit over the top. Dooram is a nice number and so is the infatuation song on Nag Chaitanya and Tamannaah.

Overall 100% Love is 100% entertainment. Nothing less, nothing more.

Upperstall review by: manjukalanidhi

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