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Upperstall Review





Hindi, Comedy, Romance, 2011, Color

F.A.L.T.U is a story about a group of friends that are considered a total waste and good for nothing. The cherry on the cake being that they take pride in the fact. These hard-working back-benchers are never seen working but crowding up the clubs of the town instead while the lecture halls remain empty. Howeve,r a turn in their life leads them to face a situation where fates of many more like them comes in their hands...

Papa Bhagnani's second attempt to launch his son will make no difference to a career going nowhere for Jackky Bhagnani, because it fails to make the grade as a film about the underdog or as a statement on the state of education in India, a la 3 Idiots. There is respectable intent in trying to address the education system prevalent in our country. But with a plot that rides on one unbelievable event after another, really terrible dialogue, and a badly written script, you are underwhelmed by the below par offering to appreciate anything else.

Having seen Accepted, the Hollywood film from which this is unquestionably taken - I fail to believe that someone who wrote this film came up with the point of a fake university needing a website on his own, ignoring other glaringly obvious details otherwise - one can safely say that a derivative of this film wouldn't have too much hope to begin with. The logic and feasibility of happenings are mind numbing, and need to be ignored completely. Doing that eliminates the core idea of the film, leaving little else to salvage and ponder over. Sure, the first half goes quickly because you are hurtled through the story without any need for explanations. It can't be too difficult to build a fake college and thousands of students enrolled in it in a matter of days, when the principal of the school is Riteish and the financier is Arshad Warsi going around in a van called 'Google'. But a cul-de-sac is achieved quickly thereafter, as the writers realize they don't have any real ideas to launch a second act. What follows then is repetitive flogging of the obvious culmination of the story of how good for nothings are simply misunderstood in our exacting, demanding, success worshipping society. The thoroughly middling execution of this idea is simply the unexpected irony of the film.

So you deal with the performances, which fail to make any real impact. There isn't a lot of scope for any of the actors to do much. Jackky is likeable but strictly one dimensional, and seems a much better dancer than an actor. Chandan Roy Sanyal is the only one to stand out, giving his character some substance and flesh, and is actually wonderful to look out for every time he has a scene. Arshad and Ritiesh just waltz through their extended cameos. The only other positive part of the film is the music, with some pretty peppy songs in between the banality. The Party Abhi Baki Hai number is infectious and zippy, and is a certified hit amongst the teen demographic.

The film may actually fare better than one would otherwise expect, having released amidst the cricket world cup and having lesser competition on the weekend. But in the final scorecard of its commercial or critical evaluation, its title is likely to catch up with its fate.

Upperstall review by: Mr Care





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