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Upperstall Review




Hindi, Comedy, 2011, Color

Ever heard of chors (thieves) that aren't good at chori (robbery)?! Meet Pandit (Govinda), Akbar (Javed Jaffrey), Wilson (Mahaakshay Chakraborty) and Builder (Suniel Shetty). Together, they steal paintings and antiques for Mr. Baatliwala, owner of an antique shop in Colaba. Tired of their madcap antics, Mr. Batliwala offers them the last chance to loot some jewels from Pattaya. But it is a heist full of errors. The desi chors manage to upset the wrong people, including a Don and a RAW agent. Will this heist go phut or will the chors surprise themselves and get the booty?

Loot is a movie that you need to time travel back in the past to enjoy because the plot, lifted entirely from the 2003 film Crime Spree, is so archaic it involves – I can’t even remember what they’re called -  er, um… you know those things that need a pencil to wind its guts back into place when they spill out … uh - oh yeah, I remember now: audio cassettes!

When you have a film that has an ensemble cast and yet out of all of them, Mahaakshay Chakraborty is the one who gets with the sex addiction problem and is the one who gets the girls, you know you’re in for some epic trash. Four goons land up in Pattaya for a paid gig (no, not GoGo girls!) involving stealing art. Art thieves - portrayed with such glamour and style in Hollywood - now have a new poster boy in Govinda whose brilliantly choreographed action sequences involving being pushed on a serving cart at 1 km/h while shooting a gun and mouthing puns that take screenwriting to a whole new level. Pattaya? Kisko pattana hai? Yeh kaide ka aadmi nahin lag raha hai. Haan, Yeh al-Qaeda ka aadmi lag raha hai. Suniel Shetty plays Mr Muscle meet Mr Cool. It’d be great if he could, for once in his life, earn the title of Mr Actor too. The less said about Javed Jaffrey and Ravi Kishan, the better. Prem Chopra is given the role of a man horny for old Hindi film actresses. Oh wait, he plays himself.

Razzak Khan, a man who’s been playing a Don's sidekick from the moment he entered this world, manages to get more screen time than other actors. Or maybe it’s just his face that’s so memorable. Dalip Tahil too, not happy being stuck in Mumbai while the rest of the crew was screwing around in Thailand, clearly requests the writer to work him into the climax so he can be part of the fun.

Why should you watch this? Well one reason could be that you always wanted to understand what it felt like to be the big-boned girl getting raped in classic campy Hindi films (most likely by Razzak Khan) because the only thing getting looted is your izzat should you be found in a theater having paid to watch this movie.

Upperstall review by: rajesh

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