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Upperstall Review


Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum


Hindi, Comedy, 2012, Color

Cast And Crew

Read the following one-liners, innuendos (if one can call them that), potty humour and tell us if you find them funny:

- A clone of Ekta Kapoor teams up with a dreaming Tusshar (dressed as Sallu bhai), as they proudly scream ˜EKTA TIGER!".
- Tusshar demonstrates that he understands what a spoof means by wearing a bulletproof metallic bra, posing like a superhero. Yes, you guessed it. BRA.ONE
- Riteish, while accepting an imaginary award, says he would like to dedicate his Grammy to his Granny. End.
- A Gujarati girl hits on Riteish at a Gujju wedding. The initials in her name - BJ. And Riteish is a DJ. His mouth opens wide in shock when he hears her name. She asks him why HIS mouth is open...
- (This one could be genuinely funny. I wanted to laugh. Almost did) Riteish goes to the 'SNAKES' counter with BJ, and tells the guy, "Aane Ragdo, Mane chaat!" (Ragda for her, Chaat for me)
- Tusshar calls Mrs. Godrej COOL because... she makes fridges. End.
- Riteish wants to buy WHISPER sanitary napkins because he's going through a very tough period.
- Riteish's pug's name is Sakru. His 'WET' (Vet) says that she loves the dog's style. Doggie style. End.
- The Vet asks him to give her the Pug. Pug la. He blushes because it sounds like, well, Pagla.
- Tarot card reader Suneeta Menon (Ekta tries to prove she has a fun depreciating sense of humour) asks Tusshar to pick a card. He starts shuffling them and plays Teen Patti instead. End.
- Neha Sharma (admittedly hot) is asked what her favorite serial is. She says, "Mujhe Bade Achhhe Lagte Hai". If you didnā't get this, you are a good person devoid of sins.
- Riteish stands outside room 1769 and wonders, Ek Saat 69? End.
- Anupam Kher, in a role that could make us forget he is in the acting business, is named Marlo. Hence, he is called MARLO JI by those near to him. His Guru's (Chunky Pandey) name is 3G... ji
- The boys stop at a dhaba called La Whore Da Dhaba. Old joke. End.
- They are humored by a man who claims that he sends all kind of... soups. But he lisps. So... End.
- Their car is pushed down the hill. Tusshar smartly observes - Valet parking to Valley parking!

If you're still reading, Kool on you.
If you're laughing, Kool on you.
If you're not reading, Super Kool on you.

In the end, it doesn't matter who directed this, how it was shot or which great mind surfed through his college porn stacks to write this trash. They're proud to call it trash. KOOL on them. But I will say that I was (accidentally) surrounded by a bunch of 'family and friends' (none below the age of 50) in a 'private screening', trying hard to guffaw and laugh at the screen, booze in hand. Because Jeetu Uncle was watching, too.

I will also say that I couldn't get through the whole movie. Kool on me.

- Rahul Desai aka Reel Reptile





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