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Upperstall Review





Tamil, Action, Drama, 2012, Color

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Thirumoorthy 'Thiru' (R Madhavan) and Gurumoorthy 'Guru' (Arya) are brothers who are thick as thieves. Right from childhood, Thiru, who is the elder, is a coward and a wimp and Guru fights his battles for him. This continues even when Thiru joins the Police on Guru's goading that he is there for his elder brother after the death of their Policeman father. Thiru is transferred to Thoothukudi run by two dons - Annachi (Ashutosh Rana) and Maari. Sure enough, Guru does the fighting while Thiru claims the credit after it's all over. Meanwhile, Thiru's marriage is fixed with Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy). She has clashed with Guru a couple of times and unknown to her, her sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul) and Guru fall in love with each other. And then of course, there's Annachi and Maari to take care of...

If 2011 was an all time low for Indian mainstream cinema qualitatively, Players and now Vettai prove that we're in for a looong grind of pathetic films in 2012 as well. Vettai simply represents the worst of what the Tamil filmmaker calls or rather justifies his film (if one can call it that) - a no-brainer, time pass, paisa vasool, commercial masala entertainer.

Honestly, Vettai really has very little going for it and is a torturous watch. It is an idiotic film with an inane, juvenile, illogical screenplay, punch dialogues that make you want to punch the dialogue writer, pretty lousy typical action - one hero beating up 20 goons repeatedly, Yuvan Shankar Raja (sadly) off form - no Paiyaa this and his disappointing songs are made worse by ordinary choreography, bad placement and shockingly mediocre picturisations. No problem in making a masala film Linguamy Saar, but at least make sure your masalas and items are fresh, good and gel together properly and in an entertaining manner. Here, barring a couple of scenes in the Amala Paul - Arya romance and the bit where Sameera asks for Arya's hand for Amala, there's nothing.

Only Arya rises above the script and brings some life into the film as none of the other performances help the film. Madhavan is awful and looks chubby and elephantine, Sameera Reddy is not bad but wasted, while Amala Paul seems tortured by her initiation of being inducted into the Tamil bimbo-glam-heroine club - so we see her in awkward short dresses befitting the length of her role and doing vigorous dance movements most gracelessly. The only fresh thing about the film, I guess, is casting Ashutosh Rana as the villain instead of the usual suspects - Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde or Ashish Vidhyarthy - and it has to be said that he does the ham routine and face contorting bit while screaming 'Dai' effectively enough for you not to miss them. His dubbing is a disaster with the lip movements of his pilot track and the dubbed dialogue not matching even a bit. In fact, I wonder if he even spoke Tamil on location while shooting.

Technically, only cinematographer Nirav Shah deserves a mention although this film did not need him to go out of his way to try and make it look neat and clean. If Rajapattai squeezed in end of last year to be perhaps the worst Tamil film of 2011, Vettai is already in the running for the worst this year and we're only in the first month. And now Lingusamy is talking of doing this 'masterpiece' in Hindi with Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Heaven help Bollywood...

Upperstall review by: Karan Bali aka TheThirdMan





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