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Upperstall Review



Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story


Hindi, Drama, Thriller, 2013, Color

Cast And Crew

Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi), a street thug and a small-time gangster, unexpectedly falls in love with his neighbour (Neha Sharma) and sparks fly...

No, there is logical reason behind it. Why a small-time Mumbai gangster would stick with the name 'Jayanta' (bhai) while aspiring to become the right hand man of his mentor-bhai and own a beer bar while trying to intimidate rival gangs- is beyond civilian understanding. I strongly suspect that the title of the film was conceived before the story itself, even leading audiences (like me) to believe that we could be witness to Mumbai's first very own bumbling Gujarati middle-aged gangster. It should have read Jayanta BHAI, not Jayantabhai. But of course, as Oberoi knows all too well, there is only one BHAI. Copyright issues, maybe.

Instead, it is his love interest, the girl next door, the disturbingly pretty Neha Sharma who plays a Desai here. It is unspecified whether she is a Gujarati or Marathi Desai. Her strong ambition (IT sector, mind you) could mean that she is playing a modern good-life-loving Maharasthrian girl, while her craving for bhurji-paav in Bandra demonstrates a starry-eyed migrant Gujaratiness about her. But then, her South-Indian-looking father living in a small town next to Mumbai could mean... I digress.

But there is really not much else to analyze. If you cross Hrithik Roshan's hyperactive Prem from the yesteryear Barjatya masterpiece Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon and Oberoi's very own Maya Dola chap from Shootout in Lokhandwala - you get Jayantabhai: the overacting, tagline-spewing rasta-chaap with a flat in Bandra and a heart of brass. Vivek may have overcooked things a bit, but the love-making scene followed by a passionate song (Atif Aslam, who else) from the dunes of an exotic land to the highways of an even more exotic land with Sharma straightened him out. After all, she is only his utterly gorgeous single neighbor who drank all night with him. He needs the luck, after some brutally tough (KLPD, Prince) years behind him. The parallel track about his anger-issues and showdowns with dreaded Bollywood-loving gangster Alex is a complete shot in the dark and the only way it redeems itself is by being placed in a film with an unmixed voiceover track.

Vivek, to his credit, does display some serious chops when he is required to look betrayed and pained by his mentor's high-handedness. Distressed, hurt, angry, confused, humiliated - emotions that seem to be his 'right hand's play' after his showdown with a REAL BOLLYWOOD BHAI years ago. Eventually, it is Neha who comes away looking like the perfect Bollywood Superstar - confident, decent dancer, beautiful, modelistic, expressive with her lips and yet to learn how to act... or modulate her voice. Katrina Kaif has some serious competition. On a serious note, with some honest hardcore workshops, she could really reach a stage where she doesn't have to choose tacky pseudo-Mumbai vehicles like this in order to display her talents.

- Rahul Desai aka Reel Reptile




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