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Upperstall Review

R... Rajkumar


Hindi, Action, 2013, Color

A dancing Prabhu Deva is a wonderful spectacle, as he contorts his body parts at angles and in patterns you’d scarce imagine, all however, in harmonious symphony. Somehow, he translates this physical fluidity to his idea of cinema, where dialogoue, charaters, ideas and emotions seamlessly roll from one scene to another in rapid succession, never stopping for a breather even. From high drama to violent action to melodramatic romance to farcical comedy to high drama; the film, like his previous ones, is relentless. There is no pause for logic or reason. Every scene’s rationale is limited to what happened in the previous scene. This is his simplistic version of cinema, and one that he understands is far more accessible to a mainstream audience.

Free of any responsibility of continuity, character arcs, or narratives, the writers give full expression to their creativity with the script. What distils through as a result, with this freedom and clarity of thought, is an edited collection of set piece scenes. The choice of what a scene will have is straightforward: Shahid taking on a gazillion goons to emerge triumphant after a gazelle like fight sequence, Sonakshi and Shahid realizing they have a love story to depict and breaking into a duet, and the villain cum comedians doing their ek-ka-do bit. A cyclical rotation of these three, and your screenplay is good to go.

There is nothing shoddy or lazy about the film. It is in fact the deliberate senselessness of it all that is eventually damning. To do it with one film is acceptable, to make it a staple template and churn it out repeatedly as different films, not so much.

Watching R…Rajkumar is a cacophonous experience. Your senses fight a mostly losing battle against Prabhu Deva’s rhythmically orchestrated assault, finally becoming numb to what happens on screen. The will to sharpen your cynicism is gone, and you helplessly wait for it all to end.

Upperstall review by: Mr Care

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