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Upperstall Review

Rabba Main Kya Karoon


Hindi, Comedy, Romance, 2013, Color

You’d imagine that childhood sweethearts (age 8, it seems) would find the concept of marriage rather tame - a sort of official declaration of what they’ve known for years. If anything, the week of their wedding stands as an almighty symbol for all aspiring monogamous couples. The filmmakers of Rabba Main Kya Karoon (RMKK) expect us to believe that, until this excessive-North-Indian-wedding week, neither of the two innocent souls involved has faced any kind of distractions, issues or fights for 15 long years. That includes school, college and graduation. Careers can wait, we have rich families for that. Sign me up.

And somehow, only during this week, an ageing philandering brother (with Riya Sen as guinea pig wife) opens up an entire chapter of temptations and amorous possibilities for his virginal kid brother (groom). And yes, this occurs in Delhi. RMKK is the kind of film that proudly propagates extramarital affairs in the most casual way possible. Arshad Warsi plays the younger version of dirty uncles like 'smoking' Shakti Kapoor, Tinu (Br)Anand and Paresh Rawal (Why?!), who swear by the advantages of dumb wives and sleazy secretaries. Shakti fools his wife by sneaking a smoke whenever he is letching at a young starlet, er, girl and Anand is trapped in a running repetitive story of a lost bra during an escapade years ago. These characters actually exist together in one film, with an entire song dedicated to them attempting aggressive Bhangra in the Hilton driveway. And Raj Babbar, hot on the heels of both his sons’ disastrous recent releases, is supposed to be the redeeming wise voice in the sex-obsessed family. The 12 rupee jokes are bound to flow -  his most important scene involves him eating out of a lavish lunch plate while explaining the concept of marriage to the clueless groom.

Talking about clueless, Akash Chopra, displaying the kind of defensive (acting) abilities his cricketing namesake was famous for, is required to get swayed by every woman he sees and then look confused. He is good at that. Tahira Kochchar, his bright bride, finds out only 23 years into her existence that her bickering parents had a love marriage. This revelation, of course, is enough to make her doubt her own 15 year old suspiciously child-marriage-sort-of-relationship with Chopra.

The standards of romantic comedies made in India leave a lot to be desired, and often focus on the same rules: Men have roving eyes, their wives/girlfriends are daft. Cheating will bring back love into a marriage because apparently, women instantly forgive straying partners. Lesson learned. Let’s not even get into the quality of ‘sex’ comedies- an alarming genre frequented by the likes of Riteish Deshmukh and Tusshar Kapoor. But what do you do about a film that is neither romantically funny nor shamelessly raunchy?

Women up in arms about the portrayal of young obsessive love in Raanjhanaa should concentrate their efforts on RMKK instead. Unless they’re perfectly comfortable being portrayed as oblivious tea-making housewives.

- Rahul Desai aka Reel Reptile

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